Chief Guest

Dr. Bob Pojasek, Ph.D.

ESG Reporting & Disclosures | Uncertainty Risk | Process Improvement | Organizational Sustainability Reporting

Dr. Bob Pojasek is currently working as Managing Director of Center for Corporate Performance & Sustainability at Boston, MA. He completed his BA/BS from Rutgers University and finished his Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry) from University of Massachusetts Amherst. He had a professional experience of over 24+ years. His areas of expertise include process improvement, resource productivity, sustainability, sustainable development, management system integration, ethical sourcing/trading, and social responsibility. He has been teaching “Fundamentals of Organizational Sustainability” at Harvard University Extension Program for the past 19 years. Recognized with the ‘Petra T. Shattuck Excellence in Teaching Award’, Mr. Pojasek’s has also taught at Tufts University (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Harvard School of Public Health. Bob has published more than 100 papers, 10 book chapters, and 10 books Previously he has worked as President, Pojasek & Associates; Principal Consultant at SAI Global; Senior Program Manager at First Environment; Senior Project Coordinator and Sustainability Leader at Capaccio Environmental Engineering; Senior Program Director at The Shaw Group Inc.; Chair of the Board of Directors at 3BL Association; Sr. Managing Scientist and Sustainability Lead at Exponent Inc.; Board Chair - Education & Research Executive Board (EREB) at VCARE Inc. Canada. Currently he is also a member of Institute of Internal Auditors, American Chemical Society, Boston Area Sustainability Group and Sustainability Working Group. Some of his famed publication are Organizational Risk Management and Sustainability: A Practical Step-by-Step Guide; Assessing Environmental Sustainability Performance at the National Level: Leading Indicators Can Help (Wiley Publishers) 2013; Understanding Sustainability: An Organizational Perspective, Environmental Quality Management (Wiley Publishers) 2012; Sustainability: The Three Responsibilities, Environmental Quality Management (Wiley Publishers) 2010. During his vacation period, Dr. Pojasek provides competency-based training on conformance requirements and the use of “self-determination” and “self-declaration” on systems management. He also provides help to identify and resolve gaps or shortfalls in operational systems, processes, and infrastructure that are non-conforming.


Suresh Lulla

Founder and Mentor, Qimpro Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Mr. Suresh Lulla is a distinguished alumnus of IIT Bombay and has made a mark through his work in the field of Quality. Mr. Lulla pioneered the quality movement in India by setting up Qimpro Consultants in 1987. Often referred to as 'the Quality Guru of India', he was mentored by Dr J M Juran, ‘the Father of Quality’; who, along with Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Ramkrishna Bajaj form the trinity of Mr Lulla's role models.
Under Mr. Lulla’s leadership, Qimpro has helped their clients save in excess of INR 25,000 crore as a by-product of Quality Improvement; specifically, by strategically addressing their Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ). He is a veteran professional with over 50 years of experience as a management consultant, speaker, trainer, author, and storyteller. Among other accomplishments, he established QualTech Prize for Project Team Excellence – Improvement & Innovation; served as Consultant Editor, Business Today – 3rd Anniversary Issue, Quality in India; appointed Chairman of IMC Quality Awards Committee; Board of Editors, A History of Managing for Quality, J M Juran, ASQC Quality Press; established the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award as well as the IMC Juran Medal; Established Qimpro Foundation for catalysing Quality in Healthcare & Education in India; as well as recognizing Statesmen and Leaders for Quality & Excellence in India, Established BestPrax Club, a platform for Benchmarking Best Practices; Authored World Class Quality – An Executive Handbook, Tata McGraw-Hill. He has been awarded the IMC Juran Centennial Medal, Distinguished Alumnus Award by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Fellow Member of the Indian Institute of Management Consultants of India, Appointed Director – Membership Retention & Engagement, Global Benchmarking Network, Authored Quality Fables – Volume 1, Authored Quality Fables – Volume 2, Authored Quality Fables – Volume 3, Appointed Executive Mentor, Emerging Quality Leaders Program, American Society for Quality.
In addition to this Mr. Lulla keeps reading when he is not working with industries to solve their quality issues. As he feels that there is yet more to learn, yet more problems to solve.

Glenn Rasberry

Business Manager at Ingenia Polymers Houston, Texas, United States

Mr. Glenn Rasberry is currently working as Business Manager in Ingenia Polymers Houston, Texas, United States. Mr. Glenn is a professional with over 30+ years of experience in the field of sales management and plastics. He has provided great insight into the plastics industry and knowledge of trends and issues for the future. He has made a mark in industry through his work in the field of plastic manufacturing. Mr. Rasberry completed his Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Finance at Texas state university, from 1983 to 1985. He started as a sales executive and excelled at building personal relationships with customers and developing multiple level contacts with the customer. During his illustrious career, he has served as Director of Sales, Nippon Pigments; National Sales Manager, Chemtrusion; Vice-Preseident, Sales& Marketing, Chemical Products Division, AMETEK. Even during his leisure time, Mr. Rasberry keeps on solving problems related to manufacturing, plastics and marketing.