International Conference on Emerging Trends in Expert Applications & Security

International Conference on Emerging Trends in Expert Applications & Security (ICE-TEAS 2023) to be held in Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre (JECRC), Jaipur on Feb 17-19, 2023. The conference addresses innovative advancements in Expert Applications & Security Issues therein with specific reference to the area of Computing.

ICE-TEAS 2023 aims to provide an opportunistic forum and vibrant platform for researchers and industry practitioners to exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge gained from their original research work and practical developments on specific new challenges, applications and experiences, to establish business or research relations, and to find global partners for future collaboration on emerging issues.

The Expert Application concept of the conference will focus on current advances in the research and use of Expert system with particular focus on the role in maintaining academic level while sharing novel research and cutting-edge developments in the fields of Computer System Security using cryptographic algorithms and other security schemes for system as a well as cloud. The outcome of the conference significantly contributes to the society by serving the expert community seeking to stimulate the development to improve lives throughout the world by providing innovative results.

ICE-TEAS 2023 is the second "Emerging Trends in Expert Applications & Security" on 17-19th Feb 2023, to be organised by the “Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre (JECRC)” , Jaipur. Technology has evolved with great speed in the last decade, resulting in the development of Expert Applications making life more effortless . The applications of BigData, IoT, over the platforms of Cloud computing have been emerging in the form of latest apps, gadgets, robots, and others with unbelievable outcomes. However, at the same time the rising threats in Expert Applications need to be focused and analysed while developing satisfactory solutions for the same.This will help the society to prevent itself from ill effects of the technological developments.

About 1st ICE-TEAS 2018

The 1st ICETEAS 2018 International Conference was successfully organized on 17-18th Feb, 2018 at Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre (JECRC), Jaipur in association with Springer Nature for publication (AISC Series), and supported by CSI, ACM, IEEE Ireland & UK Section. The conference fulfilled its aims and objectives and was appreciated by the guests, participants and stakeholders. About 300 papers were submitted to the conference, out of which 90 papers got selected and presented during the conference following the three tier review process


Paper Submission
January 15, 2023
Regular Submissions Still Open!

Notification of acceptance:
January 18, 2023

Camera ready paper due:
January 20, 2023

Last Date of Registration(Early Bird):
January 15, 2023

Last Date of Registration(With Regular Fee):
January 15, 2023

Date of Conference:
February 17-18-19, 2023

Conference Secretariat

ICE-TEAS 2023,
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre


Top 150 papers will be published in Scoupus indexed journal.
Ranking of papers will be done on following basis: 1. Paper Accept 10 marks (strong 10, normal 7, weak 5, very weak 3)
2. Presentation 10 marks
(Out of 10 as per the session chair(s) decision.
Therefore, Marks Obtained out of Total 20 marks will give the ranking.
For example, if paper is weakly accepted (5), but strongly presented with satisfying all queries (e.g. 9 out of 10) will get 5+9=14, and hence can get a higher rank.
Strong accept will definitely be published as top 50 papers, because even if he presents weak and get 5 marks, then too, total marks can be 15. Normally 15 and above will get published in top 50.