International Conference on Artificial Intelligence using Sustainable Clean Energy and Climate

The International conference will focus on current advances in the research and use of Engineering with particular focus on the role in maintaining academic level while sharing novel research and cutting-edge developments in the fields of Security for Computer system as well as cloud. The primary goal is to provide directions for future research and development by identifying key problems and their viable solutions and opportunities. Beyond geographical borders the conference enables academicians and industrialists to promote their ideas and ventures. Aimed at showcasing the real talents to the world through their own fullest participation, this conference guarantees in tailoring the possibilities of each work. Representing diversity of fields, the chances are immense for all enthusiasts and provide a perfect area to nestle down in this hectic competitive environment. The conference intends to enhance the co-operation among researchers by providing a platform for emerging technologies concerned with the development of the related fields. This conference targets higher education institutions across the globe that works with students and student issues, and encourages attendance and presentations from research scholars, educators & faculty advisors, personal tutors, academic advisors, student advisors, industrialists including top management, practitioners engaged in research or practice of peer support and UG & PG students with peripheral interest in computer science.

About AI & DS Department

During recent times, AI and Data Science has emerged as one of the most high-growth dynamic and gainful careers in technology as Computer – based solutions are getting smarter due to recent advances in AI and Data Science. The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at JECRC Foundation aims to enable the Engineering students to get ready with the skills to perform intelligent decision based on data analysis which has become an important component in various real-world applications. This 4-year degree program is an entrenched specialization of Computer Science and Engineering concerned with methods to make computers or machines intelligent so that they are able to learn from experience to derive implicit knowledge and to understand natural language. Strengthened with the well equipped laboratories and latest computer software technologies, the department ensures that program objectives are constantly met. The learning outcomes prepare students to become industry ready and knowledgeable to pursue careers as data analyst, data scientist and machine learning experts. The experienced qualified faculties, who are incessantly involved in research and development in the said field, ensure the growth of the budding engineers by giving their best to create a learner- centric environment and endeavor to be an important regional, national and international resource centre for the development of Artificial Intelligence based computing and data science applications.


Auditorium D-Block
Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre,
Campus Shri Ram ki Nangal,
via Sitapura RIICO Tonk Road,
Jaipur-302 022

Important Dates

Last Date of paper submission
15th Aug , 2024

Review Result (Notification of Acceptance)
15th Sept, 2024

Submission deadline of revised papers
15th Oct, 2024