Topics and Scope of the Conference
Communication, Network and Security
  • Cloud Communications and Network Data Storage System
  • Molecular and Multi-Scale Communications
  • Smart Grid Communications
  • Powerline and Satellite Communications
  • Ad Hoc and Sensor Networking
  • Information System Security
  • Green communication systems and network
  • Communication Software, Servicesand Multimedia Applications
  • Advance Wireless Communications and Networking
  • Network Security and Advances
  • Security, Trust, Privacy, Routing and Control Protocols
Smart IT Infrastructure and Computation
  • Datawarehousing, Fusion and Mining
  • IoT programming toolkits and frameworks
  • IoT prototypes and evaluation test-beds
  • Spatial and temporal reasoning for IoT
  • Ubiquitous computing, Ambient Intelligence
  • Next Generation Networking and Internet
  • Mobile computing technologies
  • Identity Management and Object Recognition
  • Scalability, Reliability, Usability, and Robustness in System
Computational and Designing Engineering
  • Embedded Systems, Natural Language Processing
  • ICT Applications for Intelligent system
  • Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology
  • Numerical &Statistical Computation
  • Engineering Drawing, Design& Computer Graphics
  • ICT Applications for fluid Dynamic
  • Modeling and Simulation technologies
  • Designing and Computation in Engineering
Computer Engineering and Other Disciplines
  • Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing
  • Bio-informatics
  • Financial and Economical software
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Computer Technology for People with Special Needs
  • Nano Technology Software Tools,
  • E-health and M-health system
  • Environmental Computing and Agricultural Engineering
  • Digital marketing & Online transection
  • CRM, SCM and Logistic System
E-Governance and Social media
  • ICT and Society, Technology for Governance
  • E-government and M-governance
  • E-governance: Economics and Development
  • Best practices & Technologies in ICT
  • Virtualization & Cloud Computing for Government
  • ICT Standards andcyber law
  • Tools and Technologies for Social Media
  • Web 2.0, social media and social networks
  • Cybercrime, Legal framework for e-Governance
Latest Technology and Trends
  • Latest Technologies in Computer Science
  • Robotics and virtual reality systems
  • Smart homes, cities, devices & the Internet of Things
  • Virtual Reality and Augment Reality
  • Cloud Computing and High Performance Computing
  • Social Computing and Analytics
  • Advance Software Engineering and project Management